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From the webmaster:  

One of Dr. Kreeft's favorite activities is the Q&A sessions following lectures. However, because of the large volume of online traffic, he has elected not to take questions (or even comments) from this site—he simply can't keep up with it.

However, since I can help out a little, below are responses to Frequently Asked Questions.

1. Can Dr. Kreeft speak at my group?

Yes! Kreeft charges $2000 per day or part of a day away from home (plus plane fare) and is available Friday thru Sunday on some weekends. (This is very reasonable given his profile and schedule—he charges mostly for time away from family. Thus, international travel is too far.)  Please include his website on all promotional material and send us an audio or video of the talk.  When you have a few candidate dates and a few candidate topics, you may be put in touch with Dr. Kreeft by contacting Dave Nevins via the Speaking Request form.

2. Can I distribute the writings and audio on this site?

Thank you for promoting Dr. Kreeft's materials.  For written excerpts: if the source is listed on the page, then you'll have to check with the original book publisher (who has the rights), otherwise you're free to copy the information given that Dr. Kreeft is credited and that the site source remains prominent. For free audio: CD duplication is permitted provided that site reference remains prominent in the software and labels.

3. Can I translate his materials into my language?

You'll have to check with the specific publisher; but note that free translators like Google Language ToolExternal link (opens new window) are available.  Though sometimes rough, they're quick and convenient.

4. My question is very important—can you pass it along?

I'd love to, but it's just not feasible for him—otherwise there'd be no future Kreeft books!  Besides, almost all of the questions received from this site are already addressed in the Books, Featured Writings, or Featured Audio. The best I can do is to try to point you to a specific source. If your issue goes beyond that, it's pretty easy to catch Kreeft at a live lecture on the road.

5. How did you come to meet Dr. Kreeft and do his website?

I was attending a charismatic conference in Northern Virginia in 2000 where he was speaking and offered the service.  I was tired of handing out his books and thought it'd be easier if I just built him a site!  (Also note that Dr. Kreeft received the prayer for the laying on of hands—Baptism in the Holy Spirit—in 1972.)

6. What practical advice does Kreeft give for growing in wisdom?

 Because many of this site's readers enjoy intellectual discussion, it is essential to remind each other of the priority of experiencing God over merely knowing facts about Him, which Kreeft addresses frequently.

His advice to explore the charismatic dimension of Christianity (visions, tongues, healing, etc.) is my vote for the best practical, hands-on experience of "two-way" relational prayer.

For example, a good friend received the text below, word-for-word, during a worship service.  Enjoy!

I ask of you your whole spirit, soul, and body, yet so often I get what's in your mind.  Do you think too much about your prayer?  I'm looking for your heart more than your head.

At times, your thinking can be an enemy to the spirit that I have ingrained in you.  Though I have created all of you, it is the balance of all I made you to be that brings out one area to its greatest fulfillment.

Unlike exercising a muscle repeatedly where it gets stronger with extended use, exertion of your mind in prayer will concentrate too much power to your known faculties and may cause less reliance on what your spirit is saying.  Lead in with your spirit.  Experience the wisdom of praise.

I can reach your depths when you enter in to My presence in holy surrender.  Your depths of your spirit know far more in time of praise than hours of pondering and questioning.  Your most profound insight is most often the product, or byproduct, of the deepest times of prayer.

Once your mind grasps what the spirit is telling it, now you have true direction.  It never works in reverse—mind first speaking to spirit.  The mind is too finite to probe the deeper things of God.

So, again, I say, lead in with your spirit and connect with My Holy Spirit.  I will show you truth.

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