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Mere Christianity
C.S. Lewis' masterpiece
Christianity in Lord of the Rings
The cleverly disguised role of God in Tolkien's classic
Lord, Liar, or Lunatic
The famous argument for Christ's identity
Existence of God
A magnificent overview of the arguments
Culture War
The call, enemies and battlefields
How do you get it? Christ's version vs. the world's
Problem of Pain
C.S. Lewis's brilliance on suffering and evil
Sense from Suffering
A brave look into suffering and evil
Sexual Reconnection
Healing the link between sex & love
Good, True and Beautiful
C.S. Lewis on three great transcendentals
The branch of philosophy dealing with aesthetics.
Can the study of the soul lose it?
Shocking Beauty
The live character of Christ
Women and the Priesthood
Why "only boys can be the daddies"
Hollywood Screenwriting
Encouragement to film's creative storytellers
If Einstein Had Been a Surfer
Rediscovering intuitive thinking
Sex in Heaven
Imaging the fire of God's love
The heart's deepest longing
Charisms: Visions, Tongues, Healing . (feat. Dave Nevins) Also:

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