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Peter Kreeft, Ph.D., is a professor of philosophy at Boston College.  He loves his five grandchildren, four children, one wife, one cat, and one God.  He was Baptized in the Spirit in 1972 and his 75 books include:
Handbook of Christian Apologetics
Christianity for Modern Pagans
Fundamentals of the Faith

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2014 Speaking Engagements

Jan. 23-24 Phoenix, AZ: apologetics conference: contact: Patrick Madrid
Jan. 25 Charleston, SC, "Mere Anglicanism" conference
Feb. 15-16 Campus Ministry, Tulsa, Oklahoma
on Evil/Suffering
Feb. 28 Florida Gulf Coast University (debate on sexuality); with Dr. Glenn Whitehouse. PoC is Dr. Tim Sutton
March 1 Mens Conference Venice, FL
March 4 Rutgers University, NJ on "Faith and Science: Contradiction or Conversation?"; contact: Br. Patrick Riley
March 15 Arlington, VA women's conference in A.M. (on angels & demons) contact Thérèse Bermpohl
March 15 Arlington, VA, men's conference at 7 P.M. "Have You Been Sacramentalized Without Being Evangelized?" contact: Brian Burke
March 20-21 Las Vegas apologetics conference; contact: Patrick Madrid
Mar 28 Just War Debate
April 4-5 Tewksbury, MA
April 6 or 7 Aquinas Lecture contact: Chad Engelland; relation between the personal and the rational/philosophical in the new evangelization, and on chastity
April 11 Debate on abortion with Daniel Boonin at University of Minnesota
April 26 Fort Myers, FL on transhumanism; Bioethics seminar; contact Stephen Hannan
May 2 Is God a Myth?
May 3 Kansas City, apologetics conference, contact: Patrick Madrid
May 13 Wichita, KS, Legatus contact: Sheryl Gallagher
May 16 Christendom College, Front Royal, VA, commencement address
June 10-14 St. Louis, contact: Lynne Land; Virtues; St. Louis
June 17 Virtues
June 19-20 Acton University; contact: Michael Miller
July 17-19 Dallas, "Anglican Way" conference; contact Fr. Kasey
Aug 6 Prison Chaplains, Braintree MA.
Sep 12-13, MI
Oct. 24 Denver, Catholic Medical Association; contact Michelle Stanford
Nov 1 Servants of Christ for Life and St. Pius V Young Adults on Truth, Beauty, and Goodness Providence, RI
Nov 2 Annandale, VA on Angels and Demons
Nov 29 Radio CorMariae (EWTN) in New Bedford, MA
Mar 21 2015 Men's Conference, Diocese of Phoenix
Jul 24-25 2015 Steubenville Conference

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