Peter Kreeft

Fated and Free

Trinity Forum Academy - 6/6/05
Fated and FreeAudio icon

1. Fated and Free? (0:00)

2. Lord of the Rings—Dense w/ Destiny (2:47)

3. Direct Experience of Freewill (8:03)

4. Story (10:08)

5. Boethius and How God Hears Prayer (14:18)

6. Divine Providence (19:28)

7. Questions (27:03)


For more see Kreeft's long-awaited book:
The Philosophy of TolkienExternal link (opens new window)


For a brief review of Augustine's synthesis of these topics, hear the audio:
The Problem of Pain [12:50-14:26]

For C.S. Lewis's fascinating comments, hear the audio:
Time and Eternity [minutes 23:04-36:07]

For a brief, related online write-up see:
Freewill and Predestination