Peter Kreeft

Time and Eternity

C.S. Lewis Institute - Oxford Conference, July 2002
Time and EternityAudio icon

1. Rejection of Historicism, Universal Evolution and the Myth of Progress (3:53)

2. Platonism and Eternal Archetypes (12:25)

3. Grace Redeems, Perfects and Fulfills Nature (19:50)

4. Predestination and Freewill (23:05)

5. Time within Eternity (36:08)

a. Time is Multi-Dimensional (36:41)

b. Change Continues After Death (42:00)

c. Salvation and Damnation are Retrospective (43:56)

d. Heaven’s Eternity vs. Hell’s (46:04)

6. Eternity and Truth (52:36)

7. Eternity and Joy (60:35)

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