Peter Kreeft

Moral Theology and Homosexuality

St. Mike's College - 11/8/02
Moral Theology and HomosexualityAudio icon
1. Distinctions (0:00)
2. Sexuality (7:05)
3. Third Eye (18:38)
4. Image of God (24:59)
5. Three Stories (29:00)
6. Three Arguments (35:34)
Questions (39:54)

For more on Moral Theology, see Kreeft's book:
Making ChoicesExternal link (opens new window)

For more on Roman Catholic teachings on sexuality, see the book:
Catholic ChristianityExternal link (opens new window)

Online article
Do Squares Have Three Sides Because We Say So?


  1. US Conference of Catholic Bishops Resources
  2. Growing Up With Two Moms: The Untold Children’s View
  3. The Gay Divocees – (doubling to tripling the heterosexual rates)
  4. Effects on Children (largest parental study)
  5. The Faulty Argument: “It won’t affect current marriage)
  6. Study: Business-Friently States have Marriage Protection Ammendments 
  7. The Negative Effect on Massachusetts
  8. Myths and Facts
  9. Law and Seme-Sex Marriage
  10. Heritage Foundation "What is Marriage?"

Alternative MP3 Audio

From the Arlington Diocese (Washington D.C.) podcast:

  1. Deacon Levy—Christianity and HomosexualityAudio icon  (MP3, 79:07, 37MB)
  2. Fr. Scalia—Theology on Tap (Homosexuality)Audio icon  (MP3, 57:18, 27MB)